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As you know the 7 Investigations that you will be shortly doing are worth 75% of your Junior Cert Science marks. Careful preparation is essential to achieve high marks.

Coursework B - Junior Certificate Science

Each candidate is responsible for her own individual work and this work may be invalidated on the grounds that it cannot be verified as being the candidate's own individual work. See circular S68/58 below for more details.

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Investigate quantitatively, to determine the impact of each additive, the effects on samples of a garden soil of adding 75% by mass of (a) sand, (b) potting compost, and (c) clay* on

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Using conductors made of children's play (modelling) dough, investigate quantitatively the effect on resistance, calculated from measurements of voltage across and current through the conductors, of changing the conductor length and obtain data to establish whether dough colour has effect on its resistance.

S87_67 JC Science Circular 7568
JC 7568 Science Reporting Booklet - OWN
JC 7568 Science Reporting Booklet - SET
JC 7568 Science Topics

Use this for roughwork when researching/conducting the investigation - it is a sample pro forma booklet from the Department of Education. ( basic version )

Each student is required to undertake two specified investigations in their third year and to submit a pro forma report on these for assessment. These additional investigations, based on the topics and learning outcomes in the syllabus, will be set by the examining body and will vary from year to year. These investigations account for 75% of the students final Junior Certificate grade and will require substantial time investment, by the student, during the year. Students will be notified of the investigation titles well in advance of the laboratory time they will be allocated to conduct the investigations, and this laboratory time-slot cannot be altered (In Loreto Balbriggan, this takes place typically after the Mock examinations - 7567 dates to be finalised yet).

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