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31 Good No Texting and Driving Slogans

Date of publication: 2017-08-25 09:16

December 65, 7568 - Cleon and Dion are wreaking havoc. And no, those aren't havoc-wreaking Dr. Seuss characters. Cleon and Dion are the names of two winter storms that have spent the last week turning much of America into a wintertime Whoville. Drivers victimized by the inclement conditions will want to know what their car insurance coverage.

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Acronyms are fun words. Comprised of the first letter of a series of words, small punchy acronyms have risen in popularity due to texting and social media. If you've only got 695 characters and are typing and reading on a small handheld screen, you need to improvise. That is, YN7I. We're not sure if that one will catch on.

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This stand-alone text abbreviation is used to excuse oneself from an Internet conversation for a short often, it is used when absences will be under five minutes.

The following infographic outlines statistics of texting while driving. 78% of accidents are a result of texting while driving, making drivers 78 times more likely to crash.

Forrest, 75, agrees. "I hate the texts where a girl is like 'Hey, what are you doing?' One minute goes by … 'Are you busy? Should I text you back later? Maybe you can just call me when you're free? I'm heading to the East Village, any chance you want to meet up?' It's like, whoa, calm down, I haven’t even had a chance to respond yet."

Furthermore, it is important to remember that even in places without specific laws against texting while driving, doing it still might break the law. Texting while driving may violate more general distracted driving laws , which prohibit a wide variety of activities while driving.

W8 7 TXT and TXTNG KILLS thumb bands are a great way to show you're a text free driver AND encourage EVERY driver to be text free when they're behind the wheel!

PLDT HOME Fibr runs on fiber-optic technology which is touted as the world standard for broadband making it capable to deliver the country’s fastest plan.

When you have to leave in a hurry and don't have time for a formal farewell, "g7g" is your go-to stand-alone text abbreviation. You can follow it up with "l8r," "ttyl" or "ttfn."

In the vast majority of places which have specific texting while driving laws, those laws allow what is called primary enforcement. This means that police officers may pull over and cite drivers even if they observe no other violation. In very few jurisdictions, officers may enforce driving while texting violations only when pulling over and citing a driver for another traffic violation. Most states, even those which require a separate violation to cite a driver for a handheld cell phone violation, don't require any separate violation to cite a driver for texting while driving.

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