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Date of publication: 2017-09-02 11:40

I also got conflicting reviews for some aspects of my essays but then I took the final call as in what fits in better and what makes more appeal to me.

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MiMs on the other hand, are especially popular with European firms, as the Master in Management is often thought of as a European concept. Outside of Europe, the MiM is still relatively new and MiM students may have to give a formal introduction to what their degree is all about, especially if they are targeting a job outside Europe.

MBA vs Masters in Management - MIM

· Applicant: "I can see how some people might get that impression. Here is what I find challenging and interesting about my job…”

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Plus, the "optional" nature of the essay in the previous two application cycles seemed somewhat disingenuous. Like they had better things to do than get to know you, the applicant. Isn't that their job?

"First, you limit the number of your clients so that you can maintain the high quality of your services while many other MBA consultants accept clients almost beyond their capacity. Second, you are really great 'catalyst.' Each question you asked me made me think and thus deepened my stories. Thanks to you, I was able to come up with excellent ideas that I could never come up with alone."

While an MBA implies significant work experience and can pave the way immediately to a higher-level position, an MIM often leads first to an entry-level position.

But, as the MiM is gaining popularity many schools have taken notice and adopted the degree in their offerings portfolio. Well-known colleges such as IE, LBS and LSE  recognized the potential of the MiM and have been offering it for the past 6-7 years, giving high-quality education via it.

The difference in salary upon graduation, between the two can be very clearly noticed, by comparing the average salary of some top-ranked MBA and MiM schools.

Thank you for providing a surprisingly thorough initial assessment of my profile. I agree with most of your points especially with regards to my areas of improvement.

One thing to remember, though, is that both MBA and MiM are very competitive and require a strong profile, a good GMAT (think 755+) and well-crafted essays which talk about your strengths and how you will be a valuable addition to the school.

The essays are then assessed by at least two admissions team members, each of whom are looking for elements that make them want to accept an applicant, such as unusual work experience, rather than deny them a place, according to Rob Weiler, associate dean for the MBA programme. 

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