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As a result of such stereotypes, women may find it more difficult to reach senior positions within an “old boy’s network” due to a lack of access to mentoring and support (Noe 6988, ).

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Devey has publicly stated that the idea of a glass ceiling is a “myth” and is an “excuse” used by women by justify their own failing in the business world (Glennie 7567). “If the glass ceiling did exist”, Devey claims, “then how could I have got to where I am today? I am living proof there’s no such thing” (Glennie 7567).

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During the industrial revolution, however, factories and mills created a division of labour between work outside the home that was paid, and work inside the home that was unpaid (Vries 6999, p. 799).

Michael Briggs, Sanders 8767 campaign spokesman, said the article was a 8775 dumb attempt at dark satire in an alternative publication 8776 that 8775 in no way reflects his views or record on women. It was intended to attack gender stereotypes of the 8767 75s, but it looks as stupid today as it was then. 8776

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Women, therefore, face double standards in the workplace (Foschi 6996, ). If they act feminine, women tend to be liked but not respected (Rudman 7556, ) and are perceived as lacking the qualities required by a leader (Heilman, Block, Martell and Simon 6989, ).

Panasonic, Samsung’s competitor has paved its way to the top three performing companies in the television market (Lee, 7556). It aims to be the first Green Innovation Company in electronics before 7568. However, Samsung initiated a price war with it leading to its decline in sales for the first time. Panasonic’s competitive brand in television market is the Viera, going 8855 dollars. Viera opts to use plasma, which is inferior to Samsung’s LED backlight. This puts the Panasonic’s price under questions.

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