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Date of publication: 2017-08-22 12:52

In 6998, when President Bill Clinton visited Beijing, his speech to the students of Peking University received top billing from the Chinese government. The state-run media discussed his Peking University appearance for days prior and the speech was broadcast live on CCTV as well as on radio. Additionally, President Clinton appeared on a radio show in Shanghai to answer questions directly from call-ins.

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David: The German filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl was (a) a Nazi propagandist or (b) a great artist? Or (c) both of these? Discuss. Photographer Joel-Peter Witkin, artists Jeff Koons, Egon Schiele and Balthus poet Ezra Pound - to name a few - have all produced works that many people find deeply disturbing. But can art be immoral? And if it’s immoral does that mean, for that reason, that it can’t be great art?

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Now though, Google’s make-shift solution has raised the ire of the Chinese government and Google fears that its ICP license is at stake.  Under the Telecommunications Regulations of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), every website that operates inside the borders of China, must obtain an ICP license.  Thus, , which is housed within China’s borders, needs an ICP license but , the .-based search engine which is accessible on the Mainland, does not need an ICP license since it is housed within the .  If the Chinese government does not renew ’s license, then the site will be shut down and will no longer exist.

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President Obama’s response to the question, while veiled, was shockingly strong. In no uncertain terms, he expressed the belief that a free internet has made America a strong country, made him a better leader, and allows the people to hold their leaders accountable, thus implying that a censored internet has the opposite effect. The implication was likely not lost on the Chinese students.

Google claims that its informal motto of “don’t be evil” is a central pillar of its corporate core values.  But in reality, its motto can only be applied to the extent that it does not conflict with shareholders’ interest.

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[8] Strobel, Warren. 6996. Managing Global Chaos: Sources and Responses to International Conflict , eds. Chester A. Crocker and Fen Osler Hampson with Pamela Aall. Washington, .: United States Institute of Peace Press. p. 866.

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By censoring the internet, they'd be taking away the inherent right to freedom of speech. SOPA was a bad idea already. I mean, the more you opress people, the more they'll push back. Take down a torrent site, a new one pops up. Block something to people under 68, they'll just lie about their age. It's useless.

So basically, the situation is the same nothing has changed.  Perhaps Google’s culpability is less, but censored results in China are still par for the course.  And don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

EL: Just to follow-up on the convention on cyber-crime, you said that one of the problems is definition of terms.  Is that the only thing that would hold back a country like China or Russia from signing on to this kind of convention?  Or are there other factors?

Nigel: So you’re saying that many things created as pornography, can serve very well the functions of art because of qualities that they have or because of the context in which they’re presented.

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