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I 8767 ve never been in so can 8767 t really add to the list of foreign workers and children, but a question I have related to others, is do they also attempt to target:

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They promised that I would finish high school and travel the world this was ASHO in 76 and all the usual promises of studying, pay and time off. I 8767 m sure they pressured my mother as well. I don 8767 t think much has changed

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Thanks for this info Mike. So they divide it up into two separate agreements or contracts. Big deal. The point is that if they are scared to talk of the abuse when they leave, it makes it hard to have the IRS pull their church status. It makes it hard to get the word out on the human trafficking abuses etc. I wish they knew that the non-disclosure thing is basically toothless, as proven by Debbie Cook in court.

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I know how you feel sh..we are in the same situation. I have this woman at work she keeps hugging me and always give me cuddles and thats when i developed some form of woman attraction towards her..I thought I was straight but now I am not sure.. She is straight (thats what she said) but my gut says she defo bi..

Oh My My My some of all of this I 8767 ve heard Before esp Gods coming soon as a Child & my parents hit us far too much & punished us so I 8767 m sure I was terrified if God came & we weren 8767 t good enough for our parents how could we get through his coming it messes w your head & it 8767 s not just a Sct thing other churches use it.

I 8767 ve seen the video. Actually, I appear in it twice. They have probably re-shot it by now since I was declared. Well, maybe not, since they seem to think that I am dead. It is Ok to be SP as long as you are dead. Dead people do not have to be shown a copy of the declare and dead people are finally smart enough not to ask for a Comm-Ev.

My guess is that the recruiters say something like, 8775 You 8767 ll live in a nice dorm with all your friends and have three great meals every day *just like at school!* 8776

When I was in Grade school, I was strongly attracted to a girl in my class. We became friends that there were times I ended up sending her to her house after school. It is my own special way of showing to the girl that I really care about her. We became really close, but she never showed any indication that she is also attracted to me. I was however sure she knows that I am attracted to her, which is pretty obvious from my actions, but I cannot really tell if she is also attracted to me. She never showed any sign at all. Until one day, she visited me at my house, which is very surprising. Then we lost touch after graduation.

While some girls will keep their feelings to themselves, others choose to be bold about it. The girl that I really like way back then chose to keep quiet and kept her feelings towards me for over 85 years.

I never picked up the pen. I was afraid to. I had only seen pictures of Waterman fountain pens, and the reality of one on the desk in front of me was enough to break my heart, because I knew
I would have to use it. I just kept thinking of the lies they told me sister, and eventually I walked
away. Although not without a Knowledge Report from those recruiters. They couldn 8767 t get me to sign up, so they tattled on a couple of mean things I said. So petty.

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