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Date of publication: 2017-09-01 21:16

What if we do not need stem cell research and alike? There are alternatives as natural hygiene etc. that helped me personally to avoid loosing my uterus. Many illnesses are the result of bad eating habits and not a misfortune. New treatments are not looking for the real causes (new treatments pay better). Baruch HaShem, I learned about these alternatives in time, so I do not have to live my life without children.

Besides, hospitals often create the complications that lead too often to Caesarian sections.

There are now many interesting web sites, . about natural hygiene, unassisted birth etc. they are worth to take notice of.

Shalom from Israel

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I question the validity of what is defined as a "complete human being". If a new born baby is smaller and lessed developed does that make it a "less complete human being"?..or is it just at a different stage of life. The next question is who is competent enough to define that? In a situation where the mother must chose between the life of her unborn child and possibly her is exactly that "her choice". Just as any parent would have to make a choice to save their childs life knowing that they will in turn loose their own. It's my belief that as soon as the egg has been fertilized the human "divine" spark has been ignited.

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My daughter 8767 s was born with scarred retinas at birth because she was born with water on the brain is that something possibly that could be fixed she is now 76 years old in all the doctors just tell us not to give up hope Thanks

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this artical really benefited me i'm giving a speech over stem cell research and your article enabled me to understand everything in up the good work!

I saw a very reliable interview with a man who worked in the scientific field. Many years ago, he met with the Lubavitcher Rebbe. In their discussion, the Rebbe asked him why they are not doing stem cell research. The Rebbe spoke very highly of stem cell research.

I would like to know if there has been recent activity regarding political action taken upon the stem cell policy. I am writing a research paper on the topic and your input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Kaili Carr

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We are talking about possibly prolonging human life and alleviating or preventing suffering as opposed to a theoretical possibility of a human life resulting from the stem cells. We should come down on the side of helping the all ready born.

In studying whether stem cells in the hypothalamus held the key to aging, the researchers first looked at the fate of those cells as healthy mice got older. The number of hypothalamic stem cells began to diminish when the animals reached about 65 months, which is several months before the usual signs of aging start appearing. 8775 By old age which is about two years in mice most of those cells were gone, 8776 says Dr. Cai.

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