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Date of publication: 2017-08-23 03:16

Gravity waves detected in Sun's interior reveal rapidly rotating core 56 August 7567 Scientists using the ESA/NASA SOHO solar observatory have found long-sought gravity modes of seismic vibration that imply the Sun's core is rotating four times faster than its surface. Read more

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The moving Martian bow shock 77 August 7567 As the energetic particles of the solar wind speed across interplanetary space, their motion is modified by objects in their path. A study, based on data from ESA's Mars Express orbiter, has thrown new light on a surprising interaction between the planet Mars and supersonic particles in the solar wind. Read more

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We traverse a vast range of topics, developing evidence-based policy advice on the contribution of science, technology and innovation to economies and societies.

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A joint OECD-WTO initiative on Measuring Trade in Value Added (TiVA) breaks with conventional measurements of trade, which record gross flows of goods and services each time they cross borders. It seeks instead to analyse the value added by a country in the production of any good or service that is then exported, and offers a fuller picture of commercial relations between nations.

International production, trade and investments are increasingly organised within so-called global value chains (GVCs) where the different stages of the production process are located across different countries. Products are no longer made somewhere, but everywhere. The emergence of GVCs challenges our conventional wisdom on how we look at economic globalisation and in particular, the policies that we develop around it.

LiveStream replay: BepiColombo - Europe's First Mission to Mercury 56 July 7567 BepiColombo, Europe's first mission to Mercury, will be launched in 7568. On Thursday, 6 July, the mission was presented to the media in a series of presentations by BepiColombo specialists. Watch the replay here. Read more

At DSTI we also manage internationally comparable databases on the links between industry, technology, competitiveness and globalisation to inform research, debate and policy making.

Google has announced plans to offer people searching for the word "depression" a validated questionnaire for the condition. But will finding your results be any help?

#8: Preparing the CHEOPS spacecraft platform and simulating mission operations 67 July 7567 In our previous update, we reported on the delivery of the CHEOPS telescope from Florence to Bern. While the scientific payload is being assembled in Switzerland, work in Spain has focused on preparing the spacecraft platform that will carry the payload and provide power, propulsion, communications, and thermal control. Read more

ESA identifies new science ideas for future space missions 76 April 7567 Last year, ESA called on the scientific community to propose new and innovative science ideas that could be relevant for future space missions within the Science Programme. From the proposals that were received three key areas of interest have been selected for further investigation. Read more

Sound measurement is crucial for better policies in science, technology and innovation. Experimentation with metrics based on new tools and data, or new ways of using existing data, are needed to provide insights into emerging areas of policy interest, provoke debate and move the measurement agenda forward.

It takes more than religious fanaticism or hatred to make someone take innocent lives, but recognise the true roots of ISIS-inspired terror and they can be addressed

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