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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 15:16

Agreed. Janos is definitely onto something, although he does not always articulate it entirely well, or at least in a politically correct manner. Pretty much a given, given the sensibilities of our host.

Racket of Rackets – KUNSTLER

Out here on the Left Coast, in the provinces, we are blessed with nurse practitioners I swear to God. Your primary care provider is often a nurse. Health care, medicine, is an art form supported by very capable machines yet still an art form. It is sometimes difficult to get adequate medical care from a licensed MD but from a nurse?

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In this system, I understand my profession has a negative income ratio. Given the capitalistic model we have, we are seen as bottom feeders, not producing a product to compete in the market place.

Youth Sport vs. Youth Crime - Fair Play For Children

you have at least fighting chance as many member still take oath to preserve and protect individual right as define by Constitution and back with life.

Because social problems are more than an accumulation of individual woes, they can’t be solved through an accumulation of individual solutions. We must include social solutions that take into account how economic and other systems really work. We also have to identify the paths of least resistance that produce the same patterns and problems year after year. This means that capitalism can no longer occupy its near-sacred status that holds it immune from criticism. It may mean that capitalism is in some ways incompatible with a just society in which the excessive well-being of some does not require the misery of so many others. It won’t be easy to face up to such possibilities, but if we don’t, we will guarantee poverty its future and all the conflict and suffering that go with it.

These kinds of decisions are a normal consequence of how capitalism operates as a system, paths of least resistance that managers and investors are rewarded for following. But the decisions also have terrible effects on tens of millions of people and their families and communities. Even having a full-time job is no guarantee of a decent living, which is why so many families depend on the earnings of two or more adults just to make ends meet. All of this is made possible by the simple fact that in a capitalist system most people neither own nor control any means of producing a living without working for someone else.

The conclusion , unlike the introduction, moves from specific to general. It often begins with a restatement of the focal statement, summarizes the main points of the supporting paragraphs, and ends with a broader conclusion about how the topic relates to the general issue described in the introduction. The general rule is that no new information should be brought into the conclusion: everything in the conclusion should logically follow from the information provided to the reader in the paper. Just as in a detective story you don't want to find out in the last scene that the crime was committed by a character you hadn't met, in an essay a reader doesn't want to be introduced in the conclusion to a major piece of information or evidence which wasn't discussed in the body of the paper.

Although the word report may occasionally be used for many of the assignments described above, it is most often used to describe a lab report or research report written in science, psychology, sociology, or business courses to report primary research (see information on Writing Lab or Research Reports ).

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