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is there any rules for paragraph like 9 or 5 paragraph essay can get more score?..and is it true that 7 latter word like is, if, am, or, and many more , not counted in essay word count.

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Nowadays, the factor of over aging societies is emerging as most noticeable issue in developed countries. There are several debates and meetings are arranged to discuss the problems occur due to older employees and it is concluded that people over 65 year old are not supposed to work further and employer ought to retire over aged employees. I partly agree with this statement, this is because older employees can put positive impact as well although they can cause some problems.

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On one side of the argument there are people who argue that the benefits of animal testing considerably outweigh its disadvantages. The main reason for believing this is that many important medical discoveries involved experimentation on animals. It is necessary to do medical tests on new drugs. It is also possible to say that animal testing help to advance medical and scientific knowledge. One good illustration of this is the breast cancer drug tamoxifen, arguably one of the most important cancer drugs off all time, was developed with the aid animal research. Over the years, it has been saved hundreds of thousands women s lives.

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We tolerate this disconnect because the life of the pig has moved out of view. When 8767 s the last time you saw a pig? (Babe doesn 8767 t count.) Except for our pets, real animals animals living and dying no longer figure in our everyday lives. Meat comes from the grocery store, where it is cut and packaged to look as little like parts of animals as possible. The disappearance of animals from our lives has opened a space in which there 8767 s no reality check, either on the sentiment or the brutality. This is pretty much where we live now, with respect to animals, and it is a space in which the Peter Singers and Frank Perdues of the world can evidently thrive equally well.

We aim to provide secondary school teacher and student with all you want to know about animal research.

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To contemplate such questions from the vantage of a farm is to appreciate just how parochial and urban an ideology animals rights really is. It could thrive only in a world where people have lost contact with the natural world, where animals no longer pose a threat to us and human mastery of nature seems absolute. 8775 In our normal life, 8776 Singer writes, 8775 there is no serious clash of interests between human and nonhuman animals. 8776 Such a statement assumes a decidedly urbanized 8775 normal life, 8776 one that certainly no farmer would recognize.

I find this website very helpful and Simon s sample article is especially inspiring. One friend of mine wrote the below article for this topic, she d like to know which band would it possibly get? Any comment is very much appreciated:

But haven 8767 t these chickens simply traded one predator for another weasels for humans? True enough, and for the chickens this is probably not a bad deal. For brief as it is, the life expectancy of a farm animal would be considerably briefer in the world beyond the pasture fence or chicken coop. A sheep farmer told me that a bear will eat a lactating ewe alive, starting with her udders. 8775 As a rule, 8776 he explained, 8775 animals don 8767 t get 8766 good deaths 8767 surrounded by their loved ones. 8776

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Experimentation on animals are used by scientist around the world for many purposes, not just in the medical field. These practice are being exposed by non profit organizations since some experiments were conducted in an immoral or sadistic practice where it was exposed by the media such as magazines or televisions. For example, a trial and error test of a new drugs to rats, where as the rats would suffered some serious injuries and died in an improper way. We could just easily watch it on the internet.

The pages selected below give you quick access to our media centre , where you will find guidelines, quick facts, and links to other good information sources. Please contact us if you want help finding background information, researchers to interview, or access to animal research facilities.

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