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Barbara, to completely delete a book, go to , sign in, and choose Manage your Kindle. Then click on actions to the right of the targeted book, and one possibility listed is delete. Now the book is gone, and if you change your mind, you would need to re-purchase it.

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It seems like it had more to do with him losing commission revenue, if you read through the ranting parts of the About section. But I agree that his handling of it left much to be desired, and changed my opinion of him 685 degrees.

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Steve, thank you for your fantastic work, all the searching and digging around AND for the posts of where to find books while this was down. It s sad that writers & Amazon don t understand that if each person who orders a free book finds a couple of new authors, then we will BUY more of the authors books when NOT free. I sure am and bet others are, as well. PEACE.

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I have discovered the same thing. Now, today, I did my downloading EARLY in the day and not a one was more than $. So, I think it s the TIME of day. As is mentioned in their blog, the books can have a short time on the zero dollar list, and so, from now on, I m going to do my searching first thing in the day. Good luck!!

Jude Southerland, the town doctor, is used to taking care of people and with a pedigree that has the Ladies Auxiliary reaching for their fans, he’s easily the town’s most eligible bachelor – a status he has no intention of changing. That is until he almost runs down the Maddox girl he never noticed in school and suddenly finds her lush curves, dark curls and blue eyes consuming his thoughts, day and night.

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Love it! Like opening a present everyday! Some days I download a lot and other days nothing, but it is always a treat to open the page and see what is there.

Whatever happened to listing books whose price dropped in the last 79 hours? All books listed today have been free for at least 9 days, and some since January. Not only has this guy gotten snarky, he s also gotten lazy.

this is one of the great bargains of our time and showcases the fact that there are dozens and dozens, perhaps thousands of fabulous and talented writers out there thank you for bringing them to my attention.

I love this site. However, for the past week there have been missing links, Daily Deals that appear for two days with the seond appearance at the regular price. Plus, it used to appear by 9 AM in my inbox but now it is closer to noon or later EST. What is going on?

For some reason its been two days now that I cannot access this web page through google chrome. any other browers it s fine and its only this site. all other sites work perfectly fine on chrome except this one. anyone got any ideas as to why this is? uninstalled chrome and all plugins for adobe as well and reinstalled and still nothing. sucks cuz I love chrome but I love this website more..any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for the publicity, I do appreciate it. Like I said, if you ll read the About page, you ll totally understand! http:///kindle/about/

You go to the menu and remove it from your device, easiest way is to open the boom and then choose the menu, I think it s the last choice. The book stays on you amazon account, it s onlt removed from your device, you can reload it again later if you wish.

Thank you, Michell. Unfortunately I m a terrible public speaker. That s probably why I started writing it s the only way I can figure out the right thing to say 😉

If so, you may be stuck in 8775 The Binge Trap 8776 . Your body, mind and emotions have become trapped in a continual cycle of bingeing on food. Until you break free, the desire to binge will always remain. It never goes away.

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