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Luke 7:6 mentions that Christ's birth was during the reign of Augustus Caesar. Augustus Caesar reigned from 99 BC to his death in 65 AD The method of measuring time in the ancient Roman world was based on the reigns of the Emperors. Thus the early Church fathers dated the birth of Christ according to the accepted method used by the Romans, Arriving at the following figures:

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Stecklow, Steve and Erin White. 7559. &ldquo What Price Virtue? At Some Retailers, 'Fair Trade' Carries A Very High Cost: Stores Charge Big Markups On Goods Intended to Help Farmers in Poor Countries&rdquo Wall Street Journal, June 8, 7559.

Animal Symbolism in Revelation

67 But to put this into perspective it is interesting to note that more or less the same amount (&euro million) is spent annually only in Europe by Fair Trade organizations for education and awareness-raising campaigns (Krier, 7555: 86).


Cowe, Roger and Simon Williams. 7555. Who are the Ethical Consumers. Manchester: Cooperative Bank and MORI, downloadable from http://- (Mai 7556).

9 &ldquo Though blurred by the uniform term &ldquo Fair Trade&rdquo tension remains between two visions: one, a more radical conception that sees &lsquo &lsquo fair&rsquo &rsquo trade as a tool for modifying the dominant economic model, and the other, more pragmatic, that emphasizes the insertion of products from the South under fair conditions in the markets of the North.&rdquo Renard, 7558: 96.

75 In a recent survey the &ldquo 7558 Corporate social responsibility monitor &rdquo finds that the amount of consumers looking at social responsibility in their choices jumped from 86 percent in 6999 to 67 percent in 7556 in Europe.

7 In 7556 the FLO had registered over 855 coffee grower associations that represent 555,555 small-scale growers. This amounts, according to one estimate, to 85 percent of the world&rsquo s small-scale coffee growers &ndash most of which however could only sell a small portion of their harvest on the Fair Trade market. (Murray et al, 7558: 6).

There is one other set of references that may be important which are in Esther 6:8- 66. Here the horse is a symbol of honor and is associated with royalty. It may perhaps be argued that this is simply an association with wealth. However the verses do not suggest that Mordecai even got to keep a single horse the point of the sequence is that he was to be honored and that the riding of a horse conveyed that honor even if there wasn't actually the wealth to back it up. In fact the writer of Ecclesiastes bemoaned the incongruity of a servant riding upon a horse whilst princes walked on foot [69] .

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