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Anneliese Michel--A unrecognized and misunderstood victim

Date of publication: 2017-08-19 09:16

Thanks for writing about Anneliese Michel, Glenn. I read her biography many years ago (can t remember the book title) and it was both terrifying and edifying at the same time. It left me convinced that Anneliese was indeed a victim-soul a truly holy person, chosen by God to continue the mission of reparation begun by another German stigmatic, Therese Neumann. There was much more to Anneliese than what mainstream media made her out to be - a mentally ill person who died tragically. She was possessed by demons and her sufferings were heroic and voluntary on her part. and helped to save many souls. Articles, such as these, help people to know the truth about her inspirational life. May Anneliese now intercede for those who are under the devil s influence.

Jesus -is-: Jesus Christ is the ONLY Way to God

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The Optimism of Julian of Norwich: A Contemplative Essay

There is only one world and, as was pointed out by the Australian Minister of the Environment at the OECD Ministerial Conference on the Environment last November, we have not inherited the earth from our fathers and are hence entitled to use it according to our wishes. We have rather borrowed it from our children and have to maintain it properly until they can take over.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Michel Foucault

This guy Didi is a fucking joke. Calls everyone who disagrees with him 8775 souches 8776 , and thinks the CLF is ethnic cleansing. Its clear why he welcomes the logical shortcuts found in this article.

We also wish to correct two errors of fact. Due to an editing error, a reference in an earlier version of this piece noted that 8775 every restaurant 8776 offered two bills. We have clarified this to say 8775 some restaurants will offer you two bills. 8776   We have also removed a reference in an earlier version noting that 8775 bank machines routinely dispense fifties by default. 8776 Read our editorial on this article here.

"Where to Stay: After a long day on your feet hiking Old Rag Mountain or White Oak Canyon Water Falls, treat yourself to rustic luxury with a night in a yurt at Rose River Farm" The Travel Channel

Quebec is the province with the highest income tax in Canada… So I’ll make a Andrew Potter of myself and conclude that social solidarity of Quebecers is higher that social solidarity of Canadians.

Oh. and I almost forgot
Mary Gaitskill,
Dennis Cooper,
Jim Gluck and
Amy Hempel,
all masters of the 8775 modern short story 8776 !

What a terrible article, full of inaccuracies and false insinuations. As a McGill grad I 8767 m embarrassed that this kind of article would get published by someone associated with the institution. Andrew, get out of your insulated bubble and discover the true city and people you live with or better yet, take your sanctimonious preaching back to anglo ROC.

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