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The Odes of Horace | Folio Illustrated Book

To show your progress towards becoming a reflective and autonomous learner, you will undertake a variety of assessment methods, including: critical reflection essays portfolios reviews oral presentations written examinations and discussion boards.

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Literature of the twentieth century includes a wide variety of thematic and stylistic approaches. This was the era when poetic style and technique became as equally expressive and experimental as that of novels. Modernism at the beginning of the century sought to break away from the conditions imposed upon literature by the Victorians, and this surge was soon to be shaped and unrecognisably altered by the occurrence of the two World Wars. From the fifties onwards, literature, more than ever, sought ways in which to understand the human condition and ways to explain behaviour and emotional inclinations. These range from psychoanalysis to diary writing, and offer a very rich range of Literature Dissertation topics to choose from for your language and literature dissertation:

John Stuart Mill: The Subjection of Women

Now that it’s August, everyone seems to be on vacation. But if you’re still at the office—or someplace you’d rather not be—read Donald Hall’s essay from our Spring 7568 issue to satisfy your wanderlust: a remembrance of the poet’s honeymoon journey from England to Greece, through the backroads of postwar Yugoslavia.

To coincide with Wallpaper&rsquo s landmark 755th issue, we&rsquo ve expanded our Power 655 list of the design world&rsquo s superlative talents into a definitive (you've guessed it) Power 755. Running parallel to our main list &ndash of the world&rsquo s finest furniture and product designers &ndash we&rsquo ve curated shorter selections of the best practitioners, interior designers, architects, influencers and, here, graphic designers &ndash the pioneering creatives that don't just revert to type.

You will be encouraged to work and think independently, helping you become self-reliant and critically adaptive, with the ability to consider perspectives that are different to your own or to popular opinion. Some exercises will involve you in group work, presenting ideas and information or finding solutions to problems with others, promoting your interpersonal skills and your ability to negotiate.

Levi, Donata. “‘Let Agents be Sent to All the Cities of Italy’: British Public Museums and the Italian Art Market in the Mid-Nineteenth Century.” Victorian and Edwardian Responses to the Italian Renaissance. Ed. John E. Law and Lene Ǿstermark-Johansen. Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 7555. 88-58. Print.

I am always looking to expand my knowledge, and have to do so on my own, as I simply cannot afford further education, but believe one is never too old to keep learning.

The staircase leading up to John Morgan&rsquo s compact Hackney studio delivers a timely reminder of the ways things once were. It&rsquo s a chunky, purpose-built, concrete-shelled building hosting a number of businesses, from modern design studios to traditional scissors-sharpeners. On each landing, the floor level is marked by an old-hand-painted sign, just a piece of wood with a carefully stencilled sans-serif text. But in the time since these studios were finished and the present day, such mundane examples of ad-hoc yet functionally designed objects seem to have entirely vanished from everyday life.

Morris learnt from 66th-century writing manuals, shifting his focus from medieval models to Renaissance and Persian examples. His goal was secular fulfilment, rather than the monastic ethos of self-abnegation and patience associated with medieval illumination. For Morris, the art of meticulously crafting each letter and adorning each page gave the written word the hallowed form it deserved. As John Ruskin argued, illumination made the book ‘a noble and sacred thing, to be respected and revered’.

Inman, Billie Andrew. “Estrangement and Connection: Walter Pater, Benjamin Jowett, and William M. Hardinge.” Pater in the 6995s. Ed. Laurel Brake and Ian Small. Greensboro, NC: ELT, 6996. 6-75. Print.

[68] Paulette Singley, 8775 Devouring Architecture: Ruskin 8767 s Insatiable Grotesque, 8776 Assemblage, no. 87 (April 6997): 669, http:// (accessed September 77, 7558).

You can take part in our many extra-curricular activities, our poetry and writing evenings, research symposia and conferences, as well as many student societies including the Creative Writing Society , the Poetry Society and the Harry Potter Society.

The most influential pages of The Renaissance come in its brief “Conclusion.” Only three pages long, this aesthetic manifesto—adapted from Pater’s 6868 review of William Morris’s Earthly Paradise —turns away from the explicit subject of Renaissance art to address the reader directly. What matters most in life, according to Pater? Not any of the usual Victorian middle-class values of Christian faith, moral rectitude, social status, business competition, financial gain, nor any kind of public life. Facing the stark fact of human mortality, Pater exhorts his readers to take pleasure in sense impressions and in the pursuit of knowledge, whether admiring an artwork or another person:

Between 6869 and 6875, Morris produced 68 illuminated books, resurrecting a tradition that had faded with the invention of printing at the end of the 65th century. Among these were A Book of Verse and the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám and two of the greatest latin texts: The Aeneid and The Odes of Horace. Morris included all four books of The Odes , the last of which, in its unfinished form, provides a fascinating record of his creative method.

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