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Meursault has dinner at Céleste's, where a woman sits at his table, but doesn't speak to him. After dinner, he follows her for a while out of vague curiosity and boredom. Later, Salamano comes to visit, and Meursault offers his condolences about the dog, which may well have gotten run over. Maman liked the dog, Salamano says. He thinks it was right of Meursault to put her in the home. There, she could make friends.

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Meursault returns to work on Monday. There's a stack of invoices on his desk, and he works hard to get through them. He and his coworker Emmanuel run to catch the streetcar to Céleste's. After lunch, Meursault heads home to nap, then returns to work. When he comes home later that night, he runs into Salamano, his neighbor. Salamano's dog, a spaniel, has a skin disease, and Salamano frequently berates the dog, calling him names. Nevertheless, the two are inseparable.

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Even though Raymond and his mistress have broken up, he still has sexual feelings for her. Ever since the fight, he has been obsessed with the idea of punishing her. He finally asks Meursault to write her a nasty letter on his behalf. Meursault agrees. Raymond really appreciates it.

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In June, his trial begins. One of the first witnesses called, the warden of the Home for Aged Persons in Marengo, testifies that Meursault’s mother complained about her son’s conduct toward her and that on the day of the funeral Meursault neither cried nor lingered by the grave. The doorkeeper is called to testify that Meursault did not want to view his mother’s body. When Marie takes the stand, the prosecutor maneuvers her into admitting that her affair with Meursault began the day after his mother’s funeral and that they first went to the movies to see a comedy. When Raymond attempts to exonerate his friend, he is exposed as a criminal and a pimp.

The Sun. Traditionally, the sun is a symbol of life and energy, its light a source of intense joy and pleasure. Meursault, however, finds the sunlight irritating, and the sun becomes a symbol of oppression for him. He will later blame his crimes on the sun itself.

Light and Heat. Throughout the novel, light and heat will appear as oppressive forces that upset Meursault, make him uncomfortable, and eventually lead him to commit murder. In the next chapter. we'll see how Meursault finds relief from the heat when he goes swimming with a woman.

If you are studying existentialism and have an exam coming up, the best way to prepare for it is to write lots of practice essays.  Doing this helps you to recall the texts and the ideas you have studied it helps you to organize your knowledge of these and it often triggers original or critical insights of your own. 

Colors. In the previous chapter. red and white appeared as symbols of death and the afterlife. Here, color reappears as a motif that will weave through the entire novel. When Meursault goes swimming in the sea, he looks up at the beautiful "blue and gold" of the sky. His reaction to these colors stands in stark contrast to the irritation he felt when faced with sunlight in the previous chapter.

Getting used to punishment The book, The Stranger, was written by Albert Camus and was based on the Myth of Sisyphus, and thus these two books share many similarities and

This Spark Note describes Meursault as being amoral. I completely disagree with this interpretation. It is not that Meursault does not understand right and wrong but rather that his ideas of right and wrong differ from those of society. This different moral code can be seen by the way he refuses to break his own morals. He may not value life but he does value honesty and his disbelief in a higher being. Throughout the book he never lies or pretends to have faith in God not even to save his life. His specific moral code is founded in Camus`. Read more

Raymond strikes the first blow. One of the Arab men pulls a knife and slashes Raymond's mouth and arm. He quickly retreats, and Masson takes him to the doctor. Meursault tries to explain what happened to the women, who are understandably upset about their fight. When Raymond returns, he's bitter and angry and insists on going down to the beach. Meursault comes with him, trying to keep him out of trouble.

Sartre famously observed that 89 man is condemned to be free. 89    He also wrote that 89 man is a futile passion. 89   Explain what these statements mean and the reasoning that lies behind them.  Would you describe the conception of humanity that emerges as optimistic or pessimistic?

In The Stranger. Meursault kills an Arab man because of the sun. The man had been following Meursault because Meursault's neighbor, Raymond, was on trial for beating the Arab's sister. Meursault is sentenced to death.

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